30" Flying Fish (THD)

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The 30” Flying Fish is the most popular model for surf groms aged
9 – 12 years. It is perfect for young surf groms who want to
progress their surfing. Surfers of this age typically start to gain more
confidence and gain strength in their body, so the Flying Fish is the
perfect fit. It responds perfectly to body movement and mimics
surf turns. Groms will have the opportunity to practice their bottom
hand turns, which is the first step of progression towards getting the
most out of their surfing.

Turning Mechanism: SmoothStar Thruster D
Deck Length 30”
Deck Thickness: 5 ply Stratified American Beech,
2 ply Canadian Maple
Deck Width: 25.5cm
Wheels: Small on front, medium on back
Wheel Bearings: ABEC 7


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