Saltwater Clothing

Banner that directs to the hooded towel collection. Image shows a guy wearing a black saltwater surf hooded towel.
This picture shows the shop front of Saltwater in a nice sunrise light and two people walk past with their saltwater surfboards.

Welcome to the oldest
Surf Shop in Whangamatā

A men walking with his saltwater surfboard on the beach in Whangamata and wears his saltwater tubular tee.
Mens Saltwater Clothing
A girl on the beach somewhere on the South Island, wears a white saltwater sketch tee.
Womens Saltwater Clothing
Kid is running on the beach and chases a seagull.
Kids Saltwater Clothing
Smoothstar product banner. Shows a guy doing a turn on a smoothstar.


WORLD'S #1 surf training board
This picture shows the screen printing process of the saltwater iconic collection. You see a white shirt with the famous saltwater bottletop print.

Iconic Collection


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505B Port Road
3620, Whangamatā

Mon - Sun 9am - 5pm daily
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