Stable Longboard Fin

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Find yourself spending more time nose-riding on our Stable fin template.

We've taken the best elements of the hatchet, rudder and pivot fins to design the perfect fin template to improve your longboarding. It provides greater stability than our everyday template and you will notice the difference in your first session.

Instantly feel at ease and more stable when cross-stepping with the larger 10" fin.
Feel greater straight-line speed, drive and hold with the wider fin base.
Perform smooth and consistent turns with the moderate rake profile.

Fin Specs:

- Template: Stable fin
- Best for: Nose-riding, Small waves (1-3ft)
- Fin system: Single fin box
- Height: 10 inch (25 cm)
- Base: 8.66 inch (22 cm)
- Construction: Coral vein fibreglass with a matte finish
- Flex: Stiff


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